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Local Meets, Greets, and Learns

Keeping our seniors active plays a vital role in any personalized care plan.  However, finding these fantastic events is not as simple as searching for "Best Senior Activities."  When founder, Jessica Nobles, saw that there were so many opportunities for seniors to live an active life --but no central location for them to be easily found-- she created the Senior Events & Activity Database.  This collection is updated as often as new events are located.  By partnering with local groups, churches, gyms, and family centers, Nobility Home Care can offer the most extensive and easy-to-find collection of events and activities anywhere.


Take a look and see what you would love to be a part of!


Let's Get Active

Finding activities has never been more simple.  We have compiled the most comprehensive and up to date list of events anywhere. Each one focused on engaging our Seniors and building connections that last.  Featuring everything from general gatherings to those specializing in Parkinson's and Dementia; no matter your interest, condition, or disability, you can find the perfect activities to help you experience life to its fullest.


Gather Around

Find others who share your passion for books, bikes, baking.  Peruse these great Senior Meetup Groups.

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Get involved in the local Senior Networking Community.  Meet, collaborate, and grow your brand with any of these events.