Together We Can...

No one wants to be alone and for those who are battling Dementia, Parkinson’s, and even Chronic Arthritis, the activity provided at a community gathering or local exercise class, could help them regain some of their peace and mobility.  However, for most Seniors, unless the information is easily accessible, they could be missing out on a moment to remember!  That is why the Royal Legion is dedicated to creating a culture of unity in the Senior Community.  By partnering with local businesses, churches, and individuals, we are able to provide a place where seniors can go and instantly be connected to a world of opportunities.

Unite Seniors

Support Caregivers

Season of Respite

Caregivers work tirelessly for the benefit of others.  They watch, assist, bathe, manage care, and provide companionship, yet, seldom are truly appreciated for the role they play in the life of others.  Family caregivers are in the front lines of this battle waging in the minds of their loved ones.  They find themselves thrust into a world they are not trained for and often fight their own wars with depression, fatigue, and anger.  It is for such moments as these that the Royal Legion offers support, respite, training, and counseling for family caregivers.  Affording them a moment of rest and offering a display of appreciation for the passion and love they give so freely to others. 

Nobility Home Care and the Royal Legion have partnered to offer free respite care to primary and family caregivers who, otherwise, would not be able to afford such services.  Through the generosity of our Royal Supporters, we provide moms, dads, grandparents, neighbors, and many others, the opportunity to find a moment of rest and joy during the holiday seasons.  Affording them time to shop, run errands, visit family for the first time in years, and most of all, let them know that someone loves and cares for them too.